Stoberry House & Garden

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Stoberry House - a 'Future Classic Garden'

Late last year we received this accolade, a 'Future Classic Garden'.

We had been judged without our knowledge by the Somerset Garden Trust. This for us was really important. I designed the Garden at Stoberry very much out on a limb, not as a plants person, although we do have some very interesting and unusual plants, but as an artist . I remember taking a very deep breath and thinking: 'this is going to be my take on a garden'.

We were approached and advised that 'Future Classic Gardens' are gardens that have been created in the last 50 years, and which are likely to be considered classic gardens in 50 years’ time. They went on to say: 'A tall order indeed, but one in which we think your garden fits'.

There will be an article featuring us in the Spring, and we will put it on our blog