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Music in Wells Cathedral

We are exceedingly lucky in Wells to have such a musical background, from Millfield recitals, to Bach organ works. It is all available in Wells Cathedral, a mere 10 minute walk from us at Stobery House and Gardens, and it is astounding. An amazing atmosphere, beautiful setting, and talented students from around the world are waiting for you.

  • Wells Cathedral School performs in the Cathedral on a regular basis. In March, we have a 1:05pm organ recital on the 12th and 26th; We have the 'Wells Cathedral School Prestige Series: Voices rejoice' at 7:30pm on the 13th March; the Bach Complete Organ Works on the 19th of March at 1:05pm; and a performance of Elgar the Kingdom by the Wells Cathedral Oratorio Society on the 28th at 7pm.
  • Wells Cathedral has many musical events separate from the Cathedral School in the shape of visiting Millfield Festival Chorus performances at 7pm on the 14th March as well as Early Music Wells: Lamentations by Candlelight at 7pm on 21st March. We also have a performance of St John Passion on Palm Sunday 29th of March at 3pm which has been critically acclaimed and recorded for Signum Records in 2014.