The Garden In Summer

In July the garden is full of beautiful blooms and striking foliage

The Garden in the Summer

Flaming June, as the saying goes. Now as we start to enjoy the warm sunny weather, the last of the tulips are still a pleasure to see with a great display of Iris, usually following each other as they are jostling for top spot.

In the sunken garden look out for the Acer Glade, an area packed with various Heucheras ranging from 'Pistache' pale green, 'Peach Flambé' through to 'Blackberry Jam', alongside Tellima grandifloras and Saxfraga umbrosa. These form a carpet where small but perfectly formed Acers rise above, again from verdant green to deep maroon. Adding Sedums to lengthen the seasonal interest and a back drop of Hostas, a smashing spot.

Just around the corner there is a great display of Persicaria bistorta dotted with Alliums, contrasting pink and purple, drumsticks and spheres a pleasure to see for the flowers, but also a clever way to hide the inevitable scruffy Allium leaves.

In the Lower Garden, , the warm summer breezes encourage gentle waves as the grass grows higher. Here we can look forward to Nectaroscordums, just rising above with their delicate flowers and later on in the year we can enjoy naturalised Crocosmia, lasting all throughout the autumn.

July at Stoberry Park Garden is full of beautiful blooms and striking foliage with plant combinations good enough to eat! On the Grass Terrace, tall graceful Dieramas gently arch their glaucous foliage and pink flowers in perfect contrast with the deep red, succulent leaves of Aeonium arboreums. Upright towers of silver Cardoons and the spikey horizontal blades of Pseudopanax crassifolius add to this picture of perfection.

In the Walled Garden, large horse chestnut-like leaves of Rodgersia aesculifolia are the perfect foil for Sambucus racemosa 'Plumosa Aurea.' Partners in size, colour, form and leaf shape.

In the lush, shady Lime Walk, you will see great white flowers on Clematis as they climb fine metal work pyramids, ruby red Penstemons and deep purple Alliums jostle for space and sunshine along the edges.

Old lavender plants in two semi-circle beds have been replaced with lovely young, fresh plants. Where there are spaces many self-seeded poppies have made the most of the opportunity and will make a terrific show while they have the chance!

A gardener's work is never done and whilst we can all enjoy a spectacular flush of summer blooms, along with those blue skies come hose pipes and watering and lots of it!